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Stakot Construction Ltd is a skilled and active construction team with reliable commitment to its purchaser fulfilment.


The company began as a general works contractor in 2014. Over the last year, Stakot Construction Ltd has commenced many stimulating projects and collected skills and capabilities in the build of high quality award winning residential developments. The company has also had its partners gathering experience and knowledge in some of the largest firms in the UK other the last 10 years.


The positive nature of Stakot Construction Ltd management style, and its capability to work in collaboration with other constructors, has helped the builders company to earn a reputation within the construction industry.


Stakot Construction Ltd focuses to deliver each project on time as well as within a reasonable price, and at the same time concentrating on the need to fully comprehend the specific needs of its clients.


The experience has improved Stakot Construction Ltd building contracting abilities - allowing the company to accomplish construction projects from tender to project completion. Its experiences permit the company to adhere to budgets and programmes, resolve on-site design subjects and to have a full appreciation of the customer’s demands.


Stakot Construction Ltd takes pride in its delivery, therefore its clients can always be assured that only the most qualified and capable people are serving them, all the time.

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